Sirocco reaffirms support for legitimate Zealandia

Alston, NCD, Feb 17 – The Siroccan government has put its support behind the legitimate Zealandia following its fracturing into two nations yesterday. Following a governmental dispute, President Hakon Lindstrom stripped Prime Minister Alex Whitmarsh of his role and called elections himself. This led to the defection of Whitmarsh and other prominent Zealandian politicians, including Bradley of Dullahan and Joseph Puglisi, who joined with Andre Sammut and Ciprian Jucaresti to form a new “Triarchy of Zealandia”. Premier Daniel Anderson has voiced his support for the “legitimate” Zealandia, and has offered Lindstrom the full support of the Siroccan government and people. “While … Continue reading Sirocco reaffirms support for legitimate Zealandia

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