This Is War

Relations between Andersonia and Realia collapse: war begins.

It’s official: Andersonia and Realia are now at war with each other. The news reached Andersonia at around 2pm today. Immediately a meeting of the prominent ministers and our Dictator himself was called to discuss the situation, with war being declared on Realia at around 3:10pm. Immediately the defence force was mobilised with tanks and soldiers guarding the frontier while planes were scrambled to start harassing Realian targets.

Reports from the Ministry of Defence state that around thirty-five buildings were destroyed in Realia during a single bombing spree at about 4pm. But eagle eyes are being kept on the country’s nuclear arsenal, which Andersonia will not hesitate to use if necessary.

In a statement today, Glorious Dictator-for-Life Daniel said that he was disappointed with the declaration but now is the time for war. “It is in the interests of Andersonia to protect itself, and if foreign powers dare to attack then we are obliged to maintain our defence.”

The declaration has shattered the peace that Andersonia has been enjoying for some time now, but now Andersonia’s allies are in a tough spot.

Certain countries, such as Scandovia, Altruria and Emilia are allies with both sides, and analysts are saying that it appears they will side with the enemy rather than us.

But good news from our other allies, such as Mellowpuff, Jacksonia and Fiori, that they pledge to help Andersonia should it need help.


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