Rising Tensions Over Realian Ignorance

Mindef warns it could escalate into war again.

Again the olive branch has been extended to the Republic of Realia but again it has been shoved back in Andersonia’s face.

Last night a call from Glorious Dictator-for-Life Daniel to the Realian capital of Sephia was rudely cut short when President [redacted] again refused any contact with the nation.

The Ministry of Defence in a statement today said that the Realian situation is dire and must be treaded with utmost caution.
“Andersonia really wants to be friends with Realia, but Realia’s ignorance is at the point that Sephia will only contact Saviso if there is something that the President requires, and even then the situation is fierce.” said Minister of Defence J.C. Prescott.

Mutual ally Kasnia said in a statement that it was “worried that another war will start between the two sides, and this time nobody will know what the outcome is.”

In March of this year, patience finally ran out and war started between the two nations. Realia was forced to back off when the World Peace Force threatened to assist the GDR. But there are fears that if a second Andersonian-Realian war breaks out the consequences could be disastrous.

Sephia blatantly refused to comment on the matter saying that “It is not in Realian interests for an alliance or for us to discuss the matter.”

Daniel is confident, however, of a solution being struck between the two nations, but he admits the task will be difficult. He says he doesn’t want to go to war but may soon have no alternative but to do so.

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