“From Now On, We Come First”: Government Introduces Andersonia First Initiative

In light of the diplomatic collapses of the last eight months, the Government has announced the introduction of “Andersonia First”, a programme designed to pay close attention to Andersonia’s needs before those of other countries.

Speaking in Basford last night, the Premier outlined the basic principles of Andersonia First.

“We have tried our hardest over the last few years to forge friendships and alliances, and yet the problem is it just isn’t working.” the leader began with great emphasis. “We have been devoting too much time and attention to building friendships with other nations, and yet now we have discovered that they just aren’t interested. This is a crisis the entire nation has had to put up with for too long.”

“The past eight months have seen many nations withdraw diplomatic connections and alliances with Andersonia. Yet we must not worry. Our newfound enemies are determined to make a mockery of us, but we shall triumph!”

  • The Premier proceeded to outline several fundamental points to the new policy.
  • The withdrawal of all external alliances with Andersonia.
  • 80% of exports will be kept within the nation’s borders, an increase from the 65% figure set in 2882.
  • The banning of any international publications and broadcasts over television or radio mediums.
  • The withdrawal of troops from conflict zones across the world.
  • All international borders out of Andersonia will be closed and patrolled more frequently.
  • Emergency surveillance measures are to be enforced temporarily.

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