Arr me hearties, 45 days to go!

Avast, ye lily-livered scallywags! Thar be 45 days until we be hoistin’ the jolly roger of the FCA! Cap’n be workin’ all day an’ all night ter be gettin’ th’ nation ready, an’ a whole gov’nment’s bein’ created!

Cap’n be lettin ye know that thar be a special bottle fer yer messages to be stuck in and thrown into th’ sea to sail to the FCA: mailto:fcagov@gmail.com Cap’n also wants to let ye know ye can soon fly th’ flag of the FCA as yer own, and we also be lookin’ for other pirate vessels to raise our rum to.

Things be lookin’ mighty ship-shape for Novembarrrr the fourth, so raise the rum and get ready! Arrgh!

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