Predecessor State to be Dissolved

It has been announced that the FCA’s predecessor state, the Glorious Dictatorial Republic (GDR), shall be dissolved before Proclamation Day to make way for a smooth transition into the Federal Commonwealth.
Speaking in Alston this afternoon, the Premier announced the beginning of the end of the nation he founded nearly two years ago.
“The GDR has been an honest and faithful state to me. It has been through good times and bad, and the people and I have grown close and strong as one. And yet it is necessary to bid the GDR farewell, so that it may bow out of the spotlight in favour of it’s successor, the Federal Commonwealth. This has not been an easy decision, but it is necessary in order to get this micronation going. But it is not all bad news, many key persons within the GDR heirarchy will be coming over to the FCA on November 4th, and the GDR shall live on in name too, as both nations shall share the same common nation name: Andersonia.”
There is some animosity as to the exact date the FCA was founded, with dates ranging throughout the month of November 2008, although November 4 is the date generally accepted. During its early months, the GDR began rapid expansion, although actual physical territory was not claimed. There were several opponents to the regime, although there were supporters, several of whom have, as the Premier stated in this afternoon’s speech, consented to becoming Ministers within the FCA. During 2009 and 2010 there were many battles and clashes won against the aggressors, however a period of inactivity (“down-time”), was noticed around late 2009-early 2010.
Activity within the GDR has declined sharply since the Times announcement of plans to form the FCA (August 30, 2010). Today, it was decided to dissolve the GDR under the GDR Dissolution Act 2010, in order to found the FCA. The date of dissolution has been set atNovember 3, 2010, one day short of the second anniversary of the GDR.

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