Micronationalism gains mixed responses: Premier slams ‘Subversive Dissidents’

Alston, NCD, Oct 11 – Premier Daniel Anderson today publicly announced plans for a new micronation (Sirocco) within New Zealand, which has gained mixed responses.
Upon revealing plans at around 2:20pm this afternoon, Premier Anderson received numerous responses, many of which were positive, but a few that contained more than a little slander. Whilst the Premier was called “stupid” and the nation ridiculed as “a dumb idea”, more positive messages of support were given to the Premier. It is understood that most were of an inquisitive nature, asking about the details of the nation, whilst a few were wishes of support and congratulations.
Anderson slammed the ill-wishers, stating that “Sirocco is not a project to be taken lightly. Micronationalism is a popular pursuit for many like-minded individuals worldwide, and such subversive comments  are just proof of the jealousy and wonder of the dissidents surrounding us. If you mock Sirocco, you mock the great micronations – St.Charlie, Molossia and Sealand, for starters – and you mock micronationalism as a whole. Such comments should not be tolerated.”
Despite the setbacks of external criticism, the day has been very productive for the preparations for the Federal Commonwealth in twenty-three days. The first members of the Board of Ministers have been decided and details will be confirmed within the next few days. The Times understands that the final Minister to be appointed was the Minister of Justice, a Mr. B. Wright.
In addition to this political success, a local eccentric, who identifies himself as the ‘Tsar of History’, forwarded a grant of §40,000 towards the foundation of the new micronation, which was gladly accepted by the Premier.
When asked about his views on today’s events, the Premier stated that he was “pleased that Sirocco has come so far even though it hasn’t actually been founded yet. A complete government means one less task that needs to be completed now, and focus can now switch back to the Constitution, which is still in a state of construction.”
The Premier added that he did, indeed, observe yesterday’s curious time oddity: 10/10/10 at 10:10AM.

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