Sirocco will stay out of Atlantis Civil War

Alston, NCD, Oct 13 – Premier Daniel Anderson has announced that Sirocco will be adopting a neutral policy towards the Atlantis Civil War should it continue to be active by the time of Foundation on November 4.
Anderson joins a growing list of leaders condemning the War, including Alexander Reinhardt (St.Charlie), Sir Philip Fish (A1) and Wilhelm I (New Europe). He said today that after studying the Atlantis Civil War, he too views it as a pointless and silly conflict.
“The Atlantis Civil War strikes me as a very silly little quarrel between two people that don’t seem fit to lead a micronation. There does not seem to be any point to this fight and it would be beneficial to all micronations if those involved would put their stuff away and go home. If this fight continues through to November 4th, Sirocco will not get involved. We don’t want to have to fight in wars, much less ridiculous arguments like this.”
The Atlantis Civil War began one month ago today after a vote of no confidence was passed against President Alexander Virgili by Minister of the Interior Sante Carbone and Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabriele Pellecchia.

2 Comments on Sirocco will stay out of Atlantis Civil War

  1. Fortunately, a new treaty will most likely be signed soon, ending the war 🙂

  2. And that treaty can’t come soon enough.

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