Disaster in A1 as volcano erupts

New Central, A1, Oct 27 – The A1 protectorate of Lichthalzen is today in a state of emergency after the eruption of a nearby volcano, which has claimed the lives of at least 29 Indonesians and injured seven A1 citizens.

Mount Merapi, located in Central Java, erupted on Tuesday, spewing ash across a wide area, including across Lichthalzen. Some 13,000 people were immediately evacuated, yet this order came too late for seven A1 citizens who were out on a day trip when the volcano exploded into life. It is understood hot ash rained down on the citizens, causing severe bodily burns. The party was immediately rushed to hospital for treatment in Yogykarta.

In Aldebaran commune working parties have already been organised to clear the ash and debris. There have been reports of breathing difficulties, but despite this a meeting was held last night in Aldebaran by the protectorate’s Governor, Mars McTavish. The meeting was held to discuss the course of action to be taken after the eruption and what to do in the resulting clean-up.

It is not known if the earthquake which occurred after the eruption has caused any damage to the already volcano-stricken protectorate.

Chairman Fish said that he hoped everyone emerged from the catastrophe unharmed. He also stated that he had heard of the injuries to the party less than half an hour from his briefing on the Lichthalzenite situation.

Many nations have expressed their sympathies and offered their thoughts and prayers for A1 and Lichthalzen. Premier Daniel Anderson stated that “all Sirocco joins with A1 in their time of need. As we are based in a volcanic macronation we understand the trauma Lichthalzen is going through. We wish all the best for a fast recovery for both the injured citizens and Lichthalzen in general.”

The Most Glorious People’s Republic of A1 was dissolved yesterday in preparations for reorganisation into the Federated Republics of A1. This comes as A1 changes from a democratic communist dictatorship (known as ‘A1ism’) to that of a parliamentary democracy. The date of reformation is scheduled for November 4.

When asked what his opinion on the matter was, Premier Anderson merely gave a tounge-in-cheek reply: “We booked November 4th first!”

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