Premier forced to suspend Board


Alston, NCD, Nov 2 – Premier Daniel Anderson has been forced to suspend the Board of Ministers until final notice with growing tensions between Sirocco and those outside of it.
At 8:22pm this evening, Anderson made the announcement that the Board of Ministers is to be suspended pending an investigation into the conduct of certain Board members. This comes as Anderson fields attacks from all sides against himself, his leadership and Sirocco as a whole.
“It has come to my attention that there are ominous rumblings by those outside Sirocco” stated the Premier in an announcement just minutes ago. “I have also discovered there is dissention within the Board of Members. I have called for an immediate investigation into this. I have also been forced to suspend the Board of Ministers whilst this is underway. Essentially this means that I will be running Sirocco by myself. I have no other option but to do this. The suspension will not mean the firing of any persons within the Board until we can ascertain exactly what is going on inside it. We may see some members fired within days, but it is too early to call at this stage.”
The suspension means foundation ceremonies could possibly be put on hold until the problem is sorted out. However it is not all bad news for the Premier, as both Vice-Premier Jesse Coles and Minister of Health and Education Chanelle Gibson have come out in defence of the Premier.
Coles gave his two-cents worth after the announcement: “I think he should stand up for his beliefs. He knows what he’s doing and I support him. It’s not fair what these guys are doing and it’s good he’s fighting against them. It’s a shame that this has happened, though.”
Gibson also voiced her support. “If my opinion counts for anything, I’m glad the Premier is different. We need someone who isn’t afraid to be their own person.
With just hours to go until foundation, this crisis could mean a very bumpy start to the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco.

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