Premier dissolves Glorious Dictatorial Republic


FINISHED: Daniel Anderson signs the GDR Dissolution Act at 11:03am this morning, officially ending the GDR.


Alston, NCD, Nov 3 – The Glorious Dictatorial Republic of Andersonia has been dissolved today, ending one year and 364 days of existance.

At 11:03am this morning, Glorious Dictator-for-Life Daniel Anderson signed the GDR Dissolution Act 2010, the document that officially ended the almost two-year existence of the GDR. Speaking afterwards the Premier stated that “I find it a great shame that the GDR has finally come to an end, but it had to happen if Sirocco was to be founded.”

Today’s signing brings an end to the internet micronation that existed for just under two years, which the Premier sees as the ‘spiritual predecessor’ to the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco.

Sirocco is now just hours away from foundation, and the Premier and Vice-Premier are both failing to hide their excitement.

“After over sixty days of planning, it has all come to fruition.” the Vice-Premier, Jesse Coles, stated this afternoon.

However things are not all good. There are concerns that enemies of the state may be plotting a rival micronation to counter Sirocco. The Premier has urged the entire MicroWiki community to be very careful over the coming weeks and has asked that in the event of this rival nation being founded that all micronations refuse to acknowledge it.

“I will keep my ears to the ground and keep the community updated. I ask all of MicroWiki to ignore these terrorists and instead focus on the real micronations.”

The Times understands that this enemy state may adopt the name of “Mac OS”.


1 Comment on Premier dissolves Glorious Dictatorial Republic

  1. James Thomson(Danesland) // Thursday, 4 November 2010 at 11:08 AM // Reply

    Good luck 😀

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