Anderson founds Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco

Alston, NCD, Nov 4 – After 65 days of planning, the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco has at last been founded.

At 11:13am this morning, after being sworn in by Vice-Premier Jesse Coles, Premier Daniel Anderson gave the following announcement:

“As Premier of the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco, it is my greatest pleasure and honour to officially declare that a micronation now exists within the nation of New Zealand. This nation shall be known as the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco. Thank you.”

Anderson also stated that he hoped that Sirocco would be able to co-exist peacefully with its fellow micronations. At present Sirocco recognises the Slinky Empyre, Los Bay Petros, Starland, Zealandia, and by automatic recognition Molossia and Sealand.

The suspension of the Board of Ministers will be lifted this week with the Ministries beginning operations over the next few days.

November 2010 has been designated the “month of celebration” by the Ministry of Culture.

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