Awards distributed for foundation activities

Anderson's OCW

Anderson receives the Order of the Commonwealth

Ridgelow, NCD, Nov 10 – The Siroccan National Government has recognised those whom it believes are the best micronationalists both within Sirocco and the wider MicroWiki community.

At ceremonies this afternoon near Ridgelow, National Capital District, several members of the Siroccan Board of Ministers, several international micronationalists and, interestingly enough a non-micronationalist, were granted awards for their actions and services to both the micro- and macronational worlds. The awards that are available are (in order of highest to lowest rank):

  • Order of the Commonwealth (OCW)
  • Order of the Federation (OFE)
  • Order of the Window (OWN)
  • Order of the Tram (OTR)
  • Order of the Black Cross (OBC)
  • Badge of Siroccan Acknowledgement (BSA)

Siroccan award recipients:
Siroccan citizens are eligible for the Order of the Tram and higher for a range of actions. The Orders of the Commonwealth and the Federation are reserved for Siroccan citizens only.

    Order of the Commonwealth
    For: Exceptional work in the preparation for foundation, for working hard to establish Sirocco as a fully-fledged micronation and for being the founding father of Sirocco on November 4, 2010.
    Order of the Federation
    For: Being present at foundation and for assisting in the preparations for foundation on November 4, 2010.
    Order of the Window
    For: Maintaining a strong interest in the development of the Federal Commonwealth and assisting international visitors.
    Order of the Window
    For: Substantial work towards the creation of the Siroccan Defence Forces.
    Order of the Window
    For: Helping to expand the Federal Commonwealth’s influence.
    Order of the Tram
    For: Managing internal affairs and assisting international visitors.
    Order of the Tram
    For: Representing Sirocco in sporting endeavours and cultural contributions.

International award recipients:
International micronationalists are eligible for the Order of the Black Cross through to the Order of the Window. The OBC is reserved for international micronationalists or other outside persons only.

  • KING ANTHONY, Zealandia:
    Order of the Tram
    For: Outstanding work in including New Zealand in the micronational world and the foundation of a micronation within New Zealand.
  • KYNG FYRST, Slinky Empyre:
    Order of the Black Cross
    For: Being the first to establish diplomatic relations with the Federal Commonwealth.

Non-micronationalist award recipients:
Non-micronationalists are eligible for the Badge of Siroccan Acknowledgement. The BSA is reserved for non-micronationalists only.

  • “TSAR OF HISTORY”, New Zealand:
    Badge of Siroccan Acknowledgement
    For: Contributing to the development of Sirocco and the showing of great support in the period following foundation.

Further award ceremonies have been confirmed, but it is not known when these will take place.

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