New Provinces on the cards?

Alston, NCD, Nov 13 – The National Capital District and the Tasman Districts could both be split in two under a possible reorganisation of the Provinces. Premier Daniel Anderson is understood to be considering two proposals for new Provinces within the Federal Commonwealth, despite the fact the nation has only existed for little over a week.

The first proposal is to reduce the size of the National Capital District to just the Alston and Ianson Island Zones and retain the name of the ‘National Capital District’. At the same time a new province (rumoured to be named ‘Jellicoe’) will be created, comprising of the Minnerichell, Kenbank, Ridgelow and Kent Zones.

The second proposal is to split the Tasman Districts into North and South Tasman, meaning that the Eagles-Whipstick, Esk and Bass Principalities will be independent from Surfdale.

This would bring the number of Provinces up to a total of six without actually claiming new land. Sirocco Post has announced it is preparing for the possible fifth and sixth Provinces by reserving the 205-229 postcodes for Jellicoe, 300-309 for North Tasman and 310-319 for South Tasman.

Elections for Provincial Representatives in the Board of Ministers are scheduled for March 2011.

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