Provincial reforms arrive

Alston, NCD, Nov 17 – The provincial reforms put forward by the Premier last Saturday will come into effect at midnight tomorrow, after much consideration and deliberation in the capital over the last few days.

Three new provinces will be formed tomorrow morning, which will replace the Tasman Districts and most of the National Capital District, raising the provinces count to six, as well as changing the official state abbreviations to a mostly two-letter standard. The Times has prepared an informative guide to the provinces as of tomorrow morning.

The National Capital District will be condensed to comprise only the Alston and Ianson Island Zones. Minnerichell, Kenbank, Ridgelow and Kent Zones will become independent from the NCD under a new province. Alston shall remain as provincial and national capital. Its postcode series shall be that of 200-209.

Jellicoe province shall incorporate the former NCD Zones of Minnerichell, Kenbank, Ridgelow and Kent. Ridgelow shall be the provincial capital. Its postcode series shall be that of 210-229.

No change.

CAMINA (was CAM, now CA)
No change.

The formerly-TSD Surfers Principality shall be made into a new province. Surfdale shall continue to act as provincial capital. Its postcode series shall be that of 300-309.

South Tasman shall comprise the formerly-TSD Eagles-Whipstick, Esk and Bass Principalities. No capital has been decided as yet, but Bass shall serve as temporary provincial capital until a decision has been reached. Its postcode series shall be that of 310-319.

No extra territory has been claimed under these reforms – Sirocco’s borders have not expanded or contracted.

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