Riverhill Park joins Jellicoe

Riverhill Park, JC, Dec 8 – Jellicoe’s flag has been raised over Riverhill Park today, signalling the beginning of the city’s future with Sirocco.

At around 9pm last night, it was confirmed that Miss Annabelle Morgan had agreed to declare the sixteen acres Riverhill Park occupies as Siroccan territory. This was added to Jellicoe province and was also made provincial capital, due to a lack of activity or news from the former capital, Ridgelow.

Premier Anderson is said to be greatly pleased by the annexation, stating that “Riverhill Park is a great extension of Siroccan land. I look forward to working with Miss Morgan in the future with regard to Riverhill Park and Sirocco as a whole.”

Already a military base is being established in Riverhill Park, with arrangements being made to form a local division of the Siroccan Defence Forces.

Miss Morgan was unavailable for comment.

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