Fighting breaks out in Carshalton

Wrythe, Austenasia, Dec 11 – The Empire of Austenasia and the Kingdom of Rushymia have declared war on the Tsardom of Orly and the Midget Nation-in-Exile after a breakdown in the line of succession to the Orlian throne.

It is understood that at around 11:20pm last night NZDT, Austenasia declared war on Orly and the Midget Nation-in-Exile after the Empire was threatened by Midget Fuhrer Thomas IV. This comes as the fate of Orly’s leadership is questioned, with three leaders in the space of five months. War was declared after the situation broke down over the last four days, with Tsar Declan I refusing Austenasia’s wishes over the fate of Orly.

It is understood that Orly itself was invaded early this morning NZDT, but the capital, Memphis, has not been seized. A state of emergency has been declared in Austenasia, effective until December 19.

As Sirocco does not currently exercise diplomatic relations with any of the micronations involved, it is unlikely any action will be taken on the part of the Siroccan Defence Forces. Upon learning of the war, Premier Daniel Anderson is understood to have muttered “not another one!”

The Times will monitor the situation and provide updates as they arrive.

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