OAM in crisis after Fish resigns

Astolbia, A1, Dec 22 – Vice-Secretary of the Organisation of Active Micronations (OAM) Philip Fish has resigned from his position due to a major dispute between himself and Sebastiano von Linden, a citizen of the Kingdom of Zealandia.

von Linden was banned from the OAM this week due to a breach of policy and privacy, having started arguments between delegates and releasing Mr. Fish’s real name. However this decision drew much criticism, with both Fish and King Anthony Fowler of Zealandia threatening to resign their posts after the diplomatic breakdown between them. Last night it was confirmed that with tensions reaching a critical level, Fish had resigned his post and withdrawn A1 from the OAM.

“It still astonishes me that soon after Sebastiano proved to us all that he was in this purely to stir up trouble and cause grief.” Fish said in his resignation speech last night. “What disturbs me profoundly is that many people who are prepared to excuse his appalling behaviour and conduct in the past went digging through what I had done in the past, using these perceived faults and shortfalllings to metaphorically whack me over the head. In essence, double standards – and nobody seemed to notice.”

He thanked Alexander Reinhardt, Aldrich Lucas and Peter Bralesford, among others, for maintaining clear heads and sensibility during the crisis. It is not known if this will affect the proposed TASPAC alliance or relations between Sirocco and A1, the latter being viewed as a national ally after the signing of a diplomatic treaty earlier this month.

Premier Anderson is understood to be greatly troubled by these recent events. He has already made clear that he believes the OAM to be in a very weak position due to this fighting, but now it is feared the organisation will not last. “I personally do not believe that you are evil, corrupt and overbearing.” he wrote in a farewell message to Mr. Fish. “You had a job to do and you did it. I’m sure it’s not always easy and that tough decisions need to be made, but it is obvious to me that you had the best interests of the community at heart.”

The Government of A1 is still reviewing the situation.

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