Major governmental conference scheduled

Alston, NCD, Jan 26 – Several members of the Siroccan government will be convening today for an overnight conference near Jellicoe, with talks planned on Sirocco’s future.

As the academic year nears its beginning, the inactivity that Sirocco has been plagued with by its Board of Ministers is expected to end. Today’s conference may well prompt some activity within the Board and finally give Sirocco a bigger head of steam in the months to follow. While the full list of attendees is not known, it has been confirmed that Minister of Internal Affairs Annabelle Morgan will be attending, with several other ministers expected to appear as well.

SHAKEUP: The Government is expected to bring an end to the nation's inactivity at an overnight conference today.

It is expected the current state of affairs, as well as the year ahead for Sirocco, will be discussed. The office of Chancellor, the proposed head representative of the Board of Ministers, may also be discussed during the conference, as well as the current Sorgel-Fowler problem, where Governor Sorgel of Sandus recently gave King Anthony of Zealandia an ultimatum to drop problematic Sebastian von Linden from the nation’s government which Anthony had refused. Premier Anderson has voiced his displeasure at this, stating that “if von Linden stays in Zealandia and doesn’t cause waves within the community, then it is Anthony’s business and not ours.”

Sirmet has predicted clear skies and warm weather for the duration of the conference, which will start at roughly 10:30am this morning and end tomorrow afternoon at around 2pm.

3 Comments on Major governmental conference scheduled

  1. In that case.. good luck with the meeting, and have fun! 😀

  2. Just as a rule of thumb, my last name would either be Soergel or Sörgel.

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