Sirocco at war with Zealandia


Alston, NCD, Jan 28 – The Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco and the Kingdom of Zealandia are now in a state of war after talks between Premier Anderson and King Anthony broke down this afternoon.

At 2:25pm this afternoon, Alston officially declared a state of war upon Zealandia, with the Premier stating: “For [his] disgusting actions taken in the von Linden crisis and [his] utter intolerance of the wishes of the community, I do hereby declare war on the United Kingdom of Zealandia.” It is understood that after a large argument on Skype, the Premier attempted to calm Anthony down. This had the reverse effect of enraging Anthony, leading to a declaration of war.

Already the war has been condemned by Yabloko and A1, with Aldrich Lucas of Yabloko denouncing Sirocco as “like those who took part in the Slinky War.” Premier Anderson has brushed off these comments and has upgraded the SDF Alert System to its top level, NOWAA1.

It remains to see what the international response and actions undertaken during this conflict will be.

6 Comments on Sirocco at war with Zealandia

  1. This is, in my OPINION, dumb.

  2. After Slinky war, this is happens………
    oh dear…

  3. *facepalms at both Zealandia and Sirocco*

    This isn’t exactly helpful, you know….

  4. Nicholas Woode-Smith // Saturday, 29 January 2011 at 4:51 AM // Reply

    As much as I dislike Von Linden, I cannot support this war. Micronational warfare is stupid and hardcore diplomacy would be better in this situation.

  5. Oh my god. Didn’t see this coming. Anyway, Senya officialy use this war to test micronational war, so we declare war on Zealandia, but only to test out what micronational war is like.

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