Crisis point for Sirocco and Zealandia

Alston, NCD, Jan 29 – The short-lived union of Sirocco and Zealandia has dissolved today after it was revealed that King Anthony of Zealandia wasn’t interested in firing First Minister Sebastian von Linden despite that being the purpose of the union and the war that preceded it.

Yesterday’s war, which ended after six and a half hours, was meant to give Premier Anderson power over Zealandia and thus use it to fire troublesome von Linden from the government, with permission being granted by King Anthony. However this morning it was discovered that private communications between Anthony and von Linden discussed this scenario days ago, and also that Anthony had seemingly broken Zealandian law during the war. Despite Anderson absolving him of the blame, Anthony admitted that it had been planned all along, stating in a conversation with Anderson this morning that “You were just the unfortunate soul. I had hoped to use a different nation.”

MADNESS IN THE CAPITAL: The Government is frantically trying to manage what is fast becoming Sirocco's biggest-ever hassle.

This has enraged the Premier, who has dissolved the union and suspended diplomatic relations with Zealandia. Many fear that von Linden (also known as Frederic and also Mark Dresner) has been able to manipulate Anthony behind Anderson’s back, which in turn has seen a Zealandian withdrawal from the union. It seems that one of the strongest alliances in the community has fallen apart in the space of just over twelve hours.

Despite the failure of his attempts, Anderson has been praised by many members of the community for his actions in trying to rid the community of von Linden. Nicholas Woode-Smith commended Anderson for his actions, with Tom Turner and Aldrich Lucas both offering congratulations. Philip Fish stated that these events “were not [his] fault” and that “[he] acted in good faith.” Peter Bralesford and William Soergel, two men whom Anderson has not viewed with the greatest friendliness in the past, both thanked Anderson for his attempts.

The most tense time in Siroccan history shows no sign of letting up at this stage.

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