von Linden resigns from Zealandian government

Denton, Zealandia, Feb 15 – Troublesome Sebastiano von Linden, former Zealandian First Minister, has resigned after losing the confidence of the Zealandian Parliament.

At 6:14 this morning, von Linden formally resigned from all offices and positions he held, leaving Zealandia without a First Minister and without the man responsible for destroying the close alliance between Zealandia and Sirocco.

“It has come to my attention that HM King Anthony no longer desired my presence within Zealandia,” von Linden stated in his resignation letter. “In light of this I hereby do officially resign all positions and offices bestowed upon me by HM Zealandian Government and HM King Anthony. I hereby also declare independence from the United Kingdom of Zealandia in the name of the people of Eleytheria. Furthermore, I do officially renounce my citizenship within the Zealandian nation.”

Dorzhabadian Daniel Morris has been appointed acting First Minister with Mark Meehan as his deputy. It has been confirmed that Premier Daniel Anderson has been made acting Minister of Internal Affairs within Sirocco. It will soon be decided who will be von Linden’s successor as the second Zealandian First Minister.

The Premier is understood to be overjoyed at this morning’s events. “Von Linden was responsible for driving an axe through the close relationship between Zealandia and Sirocco and for forcing a suspension of relations, which at this time still stands. He is an utter disgrace who will happily turn friends against each other for his personal pleasure. Relations between our two nations will inevitably restart, but I fear the closeness will never be as strong as it was up until January 29, 2011.”

It remains to be seen when next von Linden shall appear.

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  1. Also, Ill be the Acting Minister of Deffence

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