Anthony safe among the ruins

Denton, Zealandia, Feb 25 – The safety of King Anthony of Zealandia has been ascertained as the death toll from Tuesday’s earthquake surpasses 100.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been able to find out that Anthony is safe and well, however there has been significant damage in Denton and power, water and telecommunications services are still down. The good news comes after the community has been desperate for news on Anthony, given his location in the battered city of Christchurch. The Siroccan government has pledged to help with whatever Zealandia needs, including a collection which started yesterday, having so far contributed §2.5d.

At the time of writing the death toll had been confirmed at 103.

3 Comments on Anthony safe among the ruins

  1. I am glad to hear King Anthony is ok

  2. (whew)

    I’m so glad to hear this good news!

  3. I’m glad to hear that Anthony is OK. I was starting to fear the worst…

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