Denton badly hit by quake, unfortunate first anniversary for Zealandia

Denton, Zealandia, Feb 28 – Zealandia has marked its first anniversary with a destroyed capital today in the wake of last Tuesday’s major earthquake.

Just twenty minutes after the United Kingdom of Zealandia was reformed into the Kingdom of Zealandia, Denton was rocked by the magnitude 6.3 earthquake which ravaged Christchurch. It was announced yesterday that the Denton Entertainment Centre was in danger of its roof collapsing, with the Law Centre close behind. There are also fears that a chimney could fall given one powerful aftershock. As of yesterday Denton was still without power or water supplies.

Civil Defence Zealandia has announced that Denton is a no-go zone for non-essential citizens. King Anthony has been confirmed safe and well in Kaiapoi and it is understood he addressed the nation for its anniversary today.

It is suspected bulldozers may have to be called into Denton to demolish several buildings.

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  1. Again, I hope you and your family are alright and I’m happy to see you didn’t get any injury.

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