Admin voting opens, Anderson tied with Puchowski

Alston, NCD, Mar 11 – Voting has opened on MicroWiki to elect the administrator who will succeed Philip Fish, with both Siroccan Premier Daniel Anderson and Landashir’n Premier James Puchowski tied for the leadership.

As at 7 o’clock this morning, Anderson and Puchowski were tied with four votes each, with Alexander Whitmarsh in third place with two votes and Parker I and Riley Small tied in fourth place with one vote each. Adam Millard and Billy Neil currently have no votes. Statistically, this gives Billy Neil and Adam Millard 0% of the vote, Riley Small and Parker I 8% of the vote and Alexander Whitmarsh with 17% of the vote. Puchowski has gained 33% of the vote, but Anderson has put up a tough contest for the vote and currently has a 34% share, placing him in the lead.

Michael Sander last night announced he was withdrawing from the campaign, citing a slightly arrogant nature to newer micronationalists as well as Anderson’s announcement that his reliance on the flawed WYSIWYG editor (for which he had been well-known) has been dwindling, moving more in favour of the more advanced Code editor.

Elections will run until Tuesday when the votes will be counted and the new administrator elected.

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