Cracks appear in St.Charlie-A1 relationship

Alston, NCD, Mar 29 – Despite the seemingly unbreakable relationship between St.Charlie and A1, problems are beginning to surface after a breakdown in talks held between the two parties.

It is believed that the current state of affairs stems from recent activity on MicroWiki, in particular the apparent re-emergence of disgraced Erusian Prime Minister Robert Lethler in the last few weeks and the election of James Puchowski to adminship on March 15. The result of the recent election caused some debate on the Wiki, with Alexander Reinhardt of St.Charlie and Philip Fish of A1 backing different parties.

Further problems have been caused by St.Charlian Prime Minister Nicolo Alvisi’s insistance upon an official apology on behalf of the Government of A1 after heated debate. James Lunam and Mars McTavish (Prime Ministers of St.Charlie and A1, respectively) began a hostile debate, which eventually saw the two leave out of disgust.

Premier Daniel Anderson has denounced this possible growth of tensions as a “childish spat between two highly-respected nations that can only bring instability and anarchy to the community.” He also called for the two parties to join Sirocco in round-table talks in order to halt the rapid escalation in uncertainty between the two.

Tonight many are praying for a reconciliation before it’s too late.

4 Comments on Cracks appear in St.Charlie-A1 relationship

  1. anarchy would be awsome

  2. Excuse me, if I may. A simple dispute between two major players in the MicroWiki Community should not constitute panic. Now, and correct me as necessary, St. Charlie and A1 have dominated foreign affairs in the Community for as long as I have been here. However, the foreign affairs of the Wiki refers to — or what should be — the diplomatic policies, relations, and tensions between ALL members of the Community, not simply two major nations.
    I for one do not believe that all nations on the Wiki should follow the “superpowers”, so to speak, but rather their own path, as to make the Community more diverse as a whole. This also helps to avoid large-scale conflicts and holes of power should one of these nations cease to exist or go to war with another, as people will not be left without a leader or choose sides, respectively.
    And to add, the relations between St. Charlie and A1 are not for the eyes and ears of the rest of us. It is their business, nobody else’s, and I respect that. I now politely ask you, as well as your nation, to remain out of other’s affairs.

    • The Sirocco Times is merely reporting as per its requirement by the Ministry of Broadcasting. We have reported on international and macronational events, and this does not necessarily mean that the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco is going to get involved in conflict should it escalate to this.

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