Sirocco holds Anzac Day service

Alston, NCD, Apr 25 – An Anzac Day service was held in Alston to commemorate those who fell in conflict this morning.

Led by Premier Daniel Anderson at 6:50am this morning, a speech was made, followed by the lowering of the New Zealand and Australian flags to their respective national anthems, followed by the playing of the Last Post. As Revielle was played the flags were raised, and ceremonies were finished with a recital of the Ode of Remembrance.

Alston’s Anzac Day service was the first in Siroccan history and possibly the first micronational Anzac service ever. The Premier cited the sacrifices made by war veterans “for generations then born and generations not yet born.” He also stated that “these men gave their lives so that we would continue to live in the free and democratic way of the West. They gave their lives to ensure this, and we are grateful.”

The service was around fifteen minutes long.

2 Comments on Sirocco holds Anzac Day service

  1. Sorry to burst the bubble, but A1 held the first ANZAC Day service last year 😛 http://www.fra1.net/news/2010/04/25/anzac-day-commemorated/

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