Siroccan conlang finally on its way

EN SPRAREČ AUBEDAVEN: The Siroccan Language Authority will oversee the growth and diffusion of the Siroccan language.

Alston, NCD, Jul 18 – Premier Anderson has announced the start of an initiative to create an individual constructed language as part of Sirocco’s ‘horizon-broadening’.

Today work began on crafting a basic language from the English, German and Czech languages, with some words simply taking inspiration from all three. While the language itself has been slowly collecting words for some time now, it is only today that work has commenced on putting it together.

One notable aspect of the Siroccan (Sirokie) language is that it follows the English language’s sentence layout. For example, by taking E spira ur en Sirokie sprareč (A guide to the Siroccan language) it can be seen that the Siroccan and English words correspond with each other.

Premier Anderson, who himself is heading the Siroccan Language Authority (Sirokie Sprareč Aubedaven), has announced that Siroccan will not be considered for Official Language status until the language is deemed developed enough and required legislation established, which includes updating the Constitution’s provision for the language.

The beginning of the language progamme is seen as a triumph for Sirocco’s re-establishment process, which has seen great success in the last few weeks.

Below are some sample phrases in English and Siroccan:

  • Hello

  • Congratulations!

  • Do you speak Siroccan?
    Di ara sprarača Sirokie?

  • I am Siroccan
    Ar su Sirokie

  • I love you
    Ar lide ara

  • Sirocco Times
    Siroka Sörke

  • What did you say?
    Wint alka ara sul?

  • Which way to the bathroom?
    Kateri wis ur en rukeln?

  • I just lost the game
    Ar elde verloztre en abkuč

Adapted from The Commonweath Dictionary of the Siroccan Language, First Edition 2011

3 Comments on Siroccan conlang finally on its way

  1. Koza englizh iz da bezt.

  2. Interesting idea, but in my opinion, German is a bit overused for conlangs.

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