National Capital District expands north

MORE LAND: Pictured here is Baker Island, part of the new Upper NCD claim. Picture ©Google Maps.

Alston, NCD, Aug 23 – The National Capital District has expanded north with new claims to the east and west of Ianson Island.

Baker Island, an island just west of Ianson Island, joins the capital province along with the small riverside settlement of Port Ackland, a popular fishing spot also suitable for boating purposes.

While there is no given etymology of Port Ackland, Baker Island is named after the Premier’s late grandfather, who emigrated from Britain in the 1950s and who is held in very high esteem in Sirocco.

In the coming days it is expected that Port Ackland and Baker Island, and possibly Ianson Island also, will be split off from Alston City, which currently manages Alston and its environs, into the Ackland Shire.

The new territorial acquisitions come as Sirocco begins celebrating one year since the beginning of the setup for the nation’s foundation, when it was decided to create a new micronation to replace the GDR in August 2010.

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