Sirocco signs up for Calvinball

DISORGANISED SPORT: Sirocco has decided to begin playing the game you can’t play the same way twice. Cartoon ©Bill Watterson

Alston, NCD, Aug 28 – Sirocco’s first foray into the world of sports has been announced today as Premier Anderson introduces the country to “Calvinball”.

The sport, popularised by the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes” and introduced by it in 1990, has had a small following in Alston and in places in the macronational world, but today the Premier announced his intention to make the game more well-known.

“Calvinball is a great game, even though it’s very silly. A game that changes to real-time conditions is fantastic, and the ability to twist it into any form you want is really remarkable in the world of organised sports. It’s just a shame this game isn’t so well-known or well-played, but hopefully by starting the first micronational Calvinball team it will start to take off.”

Calvinball is unique in being a sport where there are no fixed rules except for the one that it cannot be played the same way twice. Rules, equipment and even scores can be changed and adapted to a truly random game of Calvinball.

It is thought that Sirocco’s team will be the first of its kind in the micronational community, and also its first foray into sport given that the country is not overly sporting-minded.

Anderson did note that there would be “some difficulty in acquiring the all-important time-fracture wickets”.

2 Comments on Sirocco signs up for Calvinball

  1. That’s awesome! I loved Calvin & Hobbes ever since I was a little kid. I’ll organize a Kuhugi Calvinball team too.

  2. Montosh will play

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