Sirocco claims Gillies Island

NEW ISLAND: Gillies Island, just off the Purerua Peninsula, is Sirocco’s newest island

Alston, NCD, Sep 13 – Sirocco has acquired further land today after the Premier formally claimed Gillies Island.

The island, 18km north of Alston, is located just off the northern coast of the Purerua Peninsula in the Bay of Islands and is only a very small rock, around two metres in length.

Originally part of the coastline, it is known that Gillies Island would have at one stage formed one side of a cave, then an arch, and finally a large pillar when the arch collapsed several centuries ago. The island has since succumbed to the forces of erosion and is now little more than a stump.

The island would have been formed by a volcanic eruption on the Purerua Peninsula many centuries ago.

Premier Anderson has welcomed the addition of Gillies Island into Sirocco, announcing that it shall be made its own Dependency, giving it limited self-autonomy.

2 Comments on Sirocco claims Gillies Island

  1. Stupid question: Do you consider the rock near the island (that you can see in the picture) as part of the Gillies Island Dependency?

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