Outrage in Alston as TVNZ shifts Coronation Street

Alston, NCD, Sep 29 – Alston residents are up in arms following Television New Zealand’s decision to shift Coronation Street broadcast hours.

TVNZ yesterday announced it would shift Coronation Street, one of its most popular television shows, from its usual 7:30pm – 8:30pm timeslot to a shorter 5:30pm – 6:00pm timeslot on Tuesday and Thursday nights on TV One, its flagship channel. In its place Masterchef: Australia will be broadcast five nights a week.

However this decision has not been met well, with outrage across the country. Many fans have threatened to boycott TV One until Coronation Street is returned to its usual timeslot, and general dismay is the attitude throughout New Zealand at the current time.

Many have complained of the glut of cooking programmes on free-to-air television at the moment, one even counted the number of them broadcast and came to a shocking answer: forty-five in one week.

One resident said that “it’s a time when people are in traffic or cooking tea [dinner]. It’s completely antisocial.”

Television New Zealand has, however, defended its decision to replace Coronation Street, by saying it is only a temporary move and will likely return it to its timeslot.

The SBC has stated that it may “look into broadcasting Coronation Street for the fans who can’t watch it on TV One at the moment.”

4 Comments on Outrage in Alston as TVNZ shifts Coronation Street

  1. Ahh Coronation Street, along with Outrageous Fortune, one of the absolute gems to come out of kiwi land.

    And bumped to the drive home time slot…. What Bollocks!

  2. Does Sirocco have DVR? Middle Secundomia City does.

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