Anderson resigns as OAM Vice Secretary-General

Alston, NCD, Oct 14 – Premier Daniel Anderson has officially declared his resignation as Vice Secretary-General (VSG) in the Organisation of Active Micronations (OAM) as a vote of no confidence against him gains momentum.

Elected on September 8th, Anderson’s time as VSG has been marred by inactivity, which the Premier blames on “exams, work, study and suchlike.” However there has been mounting criticism, especially from Secretary-General Milo Holland.

Anderson this evening announced his resignation as Vice Secretary-General in the following notice:

It has come to my attention that a motion of no confidence has been made against me. I have no problem with this, because I know I have been inactive, but this has been as a result of educational and work commitments. I have major examinations looming, and I do not have time to manage my affairs in the OAM at the current time.

I do hereby announce my resignation as OAM Vice Secretary-General and as head of the OAM Non-Political Office. I have not been able to commit as much time to these offices as I would have liked and thus I believe it would be better for a more committed candidate to take my place.

I did not really want the position but I went along with the nomination anyway. I thought that I would have been able to do more within the office, however I am sorry to say that this was not the case and I have failed in my duties as Vice Secretary-General.

My resignation will be effective at midnight NZDT (10pm Melbourne, 9:30pm Adelaide, 11am London, 7am New York) tonight. I will have no more to say on the matter.

Holland was not available for comment.

1 Comment on Anderson resigns as OAM Vice Secretary-General

  1. I essentially left the SG office in the same manner, I know how you’re feeling.

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