Sirocco marks 365-day milestone

Sirocco has today marked one year since its Proclamation by Premier Daniel Anderson on November 4th, 2010.

Alston, NCD, Nov 4 – Sirocco has begun celebrating the first anniversary of its founding today.

Today marks a year since Vice-Premier swore Daniel Anderson in as Premier, who then proclaimed the nation’s founding at thirteen minutes past eleven o’clock on the morning of November 4, 2010.

Since then Sirocco has moved from strength to strength, enjoying being held in high esteem in the micronational community, its bounce back from the brink of inactivity in July, numerous projects underway and an increasing awareness of Sirocco.

On Tuesday, Anderson was presented with an award recognising his “Ruling [of] Small Countries”, with a small trophy to compliment it. Anderson called his trophy “the greatest award I have ever been given.”

To mark the first anniversary of Sirocco’s foundation, at thirteen minutes past eleven o’clock this morning, the national anthem was duly sung with great bravado and gusto, which bystanders say “stirred the patriotism of their hearts.” Planned also is to mark the exact spot of Sirocco’s foundation, at a location around halfway between the cities of Ridgelow and Kent, as a Site of National Historical Significance. There is also consideration being given to making the land surrounding the site Siroccan territory, although Anderson has stated that it “looks unlikely.”

Commemorations of Sirocco’s first anniversary have included Jesse Coles and Elizabeth Pountney, with celebratory photos, speeches and videos planned to take place this afternoon.

Well-wishing messages of congratulations have been received from several micronationalists from around the world.

Celebrations are planned in Alston tonight to mark the auspicious occasion.

2 Comments on Sirocco marks 365-day milestone

  1. Congratulations of this momentous milestone from A1, here’s hoping the next 365 days will be equally good.

  2. Yes, I’d like to congratulate you too on your adventure from Independence Day to this day.

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