SBC puts Micro High on indefinite hold

Alston, NCD, Jan 6 – The Siroccan Broadcasting Corporation has put Micro High on an indefinite hold after the means of producing the show suddenly ended.

The SBC released the following statement:

For nearly seven months the SBC, in conjunction with Fern Tree Studios and Magna Cifent, has been able to bring the popular animated series Micro High to the micronational community. This has been achieved with the use of Xtranormal technology. However it was discovered this morning that Xtranormal have stopped the means of downloading the videos, and because of this we are now unable to produce any further Micro High episodes until we can get videos again.

We apologise to Sirocco and the wider micronational community for this sudden halt of a beloved television series, but our hands are bound. Until Xtranormal changes its systems again, Micro High will not have any more episodes. We are greatly dismayed by this, but we will be keeping an eye on this.

The SBC has used Xtranormal since October last year, and since then has produced SBC News, Micro High and The Uncle Bob Lethler Show. However with the loss of the Xtranormal service, arguably Sirocco’s most notable contribution to the MicroWiki community has come to a very early end.

The SBC has not confirmed whether Yes A1, There Is A Santa Claus will be the last episode of Season 2 or if the season will continue once production can resume.

UPDATE: The SBC has confirmed that production has resumed and that today’s setbacks are no longer to be worried about.

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