Aerial retired, dismantling scheduled

ALL OVER: The Alston Aerial will be demolished in the next few weeks following Alston's shift to fully digital television reception.

Alston, NCD, Jan 8 – The fate of Alston’s most famous landmark has today been decided – it is to go.

The Alston Aerial, which has stood above the Government Buildings on Commonwealth Avenue since 1987, will be dismantled within the next few weeks.

Last night Alston went fully digital with the switchoff of reception capabilities of analogue television signals through the Alston Aerial.

The Aerial was damaged a few nights ago following a major thunderstorm which permanently disabled analogue reception. Television broadcasts had to be received through Freeview and Sky Television (both satellite) in the interim.

The Premier is understood to be “disappointed” by the decision by the Alston City Council, but acknowledges that the aging structure is fast becoming a hazard.

The Aerial narrowly missed a car when it collapsed in a heavy storm in 2001.

While a date has not been confirmed, it is thought that Alston’s skyline will be without the iconic Aerial by the end of February.

Other parts of Sirocco have already gone digital – full transition will need to be completed before New Zealand’s last analogue transmissions are terminated on November 30, 2013.

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  1. Well Sirocco is not fully digital now, because Zona doesn’t switch-off until the same time as New Zealand completes analogue switch-off.

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