Premier reaffirms support for “capitalist roots”

Alston, NCD, Jan 15 – The Premier has slammed the new ideology of Theodorism and defended Sirocco’s “unashamedly capitalist roots”.

This evening it was announced that Crown Prince Jonathan of Austenasia had created a new political ideology essentially merging, peculiarly, communism and monarchism.

However this has been attacked by Premier Daniel Anderson in a statement:

Theodorism is laughable. It contains a society where the workers rule everything but are themselves ruled over by a monarch. It advocates redistribution of the wealth to the extent where people need not bother trying to advance themselves. It prescribes the downfall and crushing of capitalism. It demands the formation of a Supreme Soviet and the destruction of any opposition. This cannot and will not be tolerated.

Sirocco prides itself on being a bastion of freedom and advancement. Capitalism always has been and always will be part of Sirocco. Sirocco has unashamedly capitalist roots, and today we thrive on those roots which make Sirocco a nation that is bettering itself day after day.

We will never give up our support for free capitalism. If it means being the only state willing to do so, so be it. But we will never surrender our common sense for a ludicrous proposition that would hold less water than a sieve.

It is expected that this statement will provoke outrage from the leftist factions of the community, a fact which the Premier is not letting bother him:

“They can moan all they like, but at the end of the day we’ve not got our heads way up in the clouds living in some utopian dream world, we’re focusing on reality.”

2 Comments on Premier reaffirms support for “capitalist roots”

  1. The irony of Communist Monarchies never ceases to amaze me. How is it an equal society if there’s a hereditary monarch on the throne?

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