TASPAC issues statement regarding Aldrich Lucas

Alston, NCD, Feb 20 – Following the spectacular fall from grace of Yablokon Grand Chancellor Aldrich Lucas after his extreme vandalism of the MicroWiki Forums today, TASPAC has issued the following statement:

The members of TASPAC wish to denounce in the strongest possible terms the abhorrent abuse of trust former member Aldrich Lucas committed. TASPAC cares sincerely about the welfare of the MicroWiki community, and we believe that the collective records of Daniel Anderson, Jeremy Oakes, Philip Fish, Michael Sander, and Mars McTavish speak for themselves. TASPAC would never condone vandalism of MicroWiki.

TASPAC bitterly opposes those who would have MicroWiki descend into anarchy.

TASPAC wishes to apologise unreservedly for the conduct of our disgraced former member.

Philip Fish, Jeremy Oakes, and Michael Sander wish to retract statements made yesterday and earlier today in support of Aldrich Lucas. Present circumstances show how misguided these defences, which were made in good faith, were.

Aldrich Lucas has resigned from TASPAC, and the membership status of Yabloko is currently undergoing review.

TASPAC deeply regrets the trouble caused.

Premier Daniel Anderson is understood to be “disgusted” at Lucas’ actions, stating earlier that “Aldy’s actions will no doubt bring TASPAC and its members into disrepute. I will not condone his vandalism.”

With Peter Bralesford having shut down the forums for the time being, it is hoped that a ‘cooling-off’ period will allow talks and inquiries to commence without too much fuss.

TASPAC is a social venue for micronationalists from the Realm of New Zealand, Commonwealth of Australia and Republic of Indonesia.


1 Comment on TASPAC issues statement regarding Aldrich Lucas

  1. Thank you for your understanding. It’s appreciated, and I am glad we were able to get back to normal.

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