Sirocco and Zona to merge on Wednesday

Alston, NCD, Mar 18 – Sirocco and Zona have officially agreed to merge together this coming Wednesday, following the passing of the Dominion of Zona Act 2012 last night.

Jointly worked upon by Premier Daniel Anderson and Zonian President Nicholas Woode-Smith, the so-called Dominion of Zona Act 2012 has laid the foundations for the merger of Sirocco and Zona later this week.

Zona has agreed to become part of Sirocco at midnight NZDT on Wednesday (1pm Tuesday SAST).

In the Act, the framework for lawmaking, political parties, diplomatic relations, the military, currency, broadcasting, language and time zones have all been laid out.

Here are some of the highlights from the Act:

Section 2.6: The Dominion of Zona may propose Acts and laws affecting the entire Federal Commonwealth, but not of Sirocco itself. Likewise, Acts and laws proposed by Sirocco may not affect Zona.

Section 3.1: Political parties are allowed to operate either independently in the Dominion of Zona or in the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco itself.

Section 5.1: The Dominion of Zona may manage its own military, however this will ultimately come under the command of the Siroccan Defence Forces and the Siroccan Ministry of the Commonwealth.

Section 7.1: The Zonian Broadcasting Network, while considered to be a private enterprise by the Dominion of Zona, shall be considered by the Ministry of Access to be part of the Siroccan Broadcasting Corporation.

Section 8.1: English, Siroccan and Edallic shall be considered official languages within the wider Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco.

Section 8.2: Krugarian shall be considered an additional language in the Dominion of Zona only.

Zona voted to become part of Sirocco on March 6 after a resolution in the website hosting issue.

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