Tent Pegs invasion threat quashed

Tent Pegs, NCD, Mar 28 – A possible threat of a breach of the Tent Pegs Border Fence has just a few minutes ago been quashed by the Siroccan Defence Forces (SDF).

A group of rowdy teenagers near the border with the Tent Pegs National Park had been causing some noise for some time this afternoon, but just after 8pm Premier Daniel Anderson heard the snapping of twigs from what sounded like the Tent Pegs Forest, which his office looks out on.

Some men from the city’s division of the SDF, accompanied by the Premier, made their way to the border fence, where the flashing of a camera scared two teenagers off but lured some back two minutes later.

In just over a minute the southern border fence had become surrounded with teenagers with the SDF standing by. With screaming and swearing, coupled with mutterings that the fence should be scaled (only to be dismissed by others) and the snapping of branches close to the fence, an invasion of the National Capital District appeared imminent. By 8:15 the Premier began preparing to repel the invaders should they cross the border between New Zealand and Sirocco.

The crowd soon grew bored after the defence party shut off their torches and withdrew into the shadows. The mob then began dispersing, and by 8:20 the threat of an invasion had ceased. The party of the Premier and SDF men returned to Alston shortly thereafter.

It soon transpired the group was part of a school camp, although the school in question is not known.

Alston is on alert tonight due to the possibility reprisal attacks may be made on the border during the night or tomorrow. Premier Anderson made this statement to the Times a short time ago:

“I am pleased to say that the threat of an invasion by a group of loud, aggressive teenagers has been quelled after splendid tactical action by the Siroccan Defence Forces. Never before has the threat of an invasion to our own capital been imminent, and tonight quite a few of us were wondering if they would do it. Alstonites can sleep safely tonight – the SDF has done its job.”

The Premier confirmed the photos taken to slow the teenagers down had been deleted.

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