Sirocco gains socialist party

Alston, NCD, Apr 1 – The Siroccan Federal Party has competition with the formation of the Soviet Party of Sirocco (SPS) early this morning.

Relatively unknown Siroccan citizen Rani Lope began talking to Premier Daniel Anderson about forming a second political party at around quarter-past twelve this morning in a Skype meeting. After gaining one member besides himself, Mr. Lope completed registration as per the Political Parties Act 2011, and at 1:04am the Soviet Party of Sirocco was officially registered as a Siroccan political party.

Premier Anderson said in a statement that “at last Sirocco has political opposition, and now we can work together for the benefit of the Federal Commonwealth. That said there are obvious differences between a capitalist/conservative Federal government and a Marxist-Leninist Soviet opposition, but I am sure that Sirocco will have many happy years ahead of it.”

Anderson also said that the Federal Party would be sending the Soviet Party a gift of four frail fir pots.

After having established his headquarters in the relatively poor Ridgelow suburb of Market Gardens, Mr. Lope issued a simpler statement: “Sirocco has been moving far too right, and while it is unlikely we will be moving across the spectrum into the left, I am sure Sirocco can begin embracing more socialist ideals for the greater good of the populace.”

Already the Soviets have begun questioning the tense relationship between Sirocco and other leftist states such as Zealandia, Burkland, Tiana and Sandus, and have proposed that Sirocco begin working with these states.

The Siroccan Language Authority confirmed to the Times a short while ago that the Soviet Party had registered its Siroccan name as “Ekoj Asti Siroka“, which translates literally as “Soviety Party [of] Sirocco”.

Some Federal supporters have displayed disappointment with the foundation of the Soviet Party, as it now begins weakening the Federal Party’s total dominance over Siroccan politics.

An influx of registrations for the Soviet Party is expected as left-leaning Siroccans rush to take advantage of the new party.

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