Alston, NCD, Apr 2 – April Fools!

Admit it, we got you good. A socialist party for Sirocco, we knew it’d get you!

So why did we do it? We were looking for a great joke to pull on the community besides MicroWiki’s transformation to BoratWiki today. After giving thought to changing Sirocco’s flag, creating some kind of chaos and even renaming the National Capital District to Chatgo (rearrange the letters), but we decided that a socialist party in a micronation that’s anything but would have been funniest.

Of course, we threw in some ‘gives’, and eagle-eyed readers would have realised that we were being anything but serious:

  1. Rani Lope: it’s a little-known fact that Rani Lope was born on April one.
  2. Federal’s gift: frail fir pots are often given as gifts on the first of April.
  3. The SPS’ Siroccan name: Ekoj Asti Siroka doesn’t translate into anything, but reverse the ‘ekoj asti‘ and see what you get.

So to all our socialist friends out there, Sirocco doesn’t have a Soviet Party and Federal’s still in control, although we’re not saying Sirocco never will get some leftist opposition.

See you back for more next year!
The Sirocco Times

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