SBC, Sirocco Times join Micronational Press Council

Alston, NCD, Apr 13 – The Siroccan Broadcasting Corporation and the Sirocco Times have both joined the Micronational Press Council as a move of support for other micronational broadcasters and media outlets.

The Council, “a self-regulatory body of micronational media outlets”, aims to organise broadcasters together and handle complaints, and it is known that both the Dranorian Broadcasters’ Guild and the A1 Broadcasting Commission had been trying to persuade Minister of Access Daniel Anderson to allow both the SBC and the Times to join for some time.

Tonight it was confirmed that permission had been granted to both outlets to join the Council, and at 11:38pm NZST membership was accepted, linking both outlets to prestigious broadcasters and producers such as the Pristinian Herald and the A1 News Service.

Minister Anderson gave said a short time ago in a statement to the SBC that “hopefully our premier media outlets will be able to expand even further with these newfound links and Siroccan media will be able to be enjoyed by more people in more places.”

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