A5 road renamed to North East Passage

Alston, NCD, Apr 16 – Sirocco’s A5 road, known as one of the roughest in the country, has been renamed today after it was discovered it bore the wrong name.

Although it was given the name of “North East Passage” when the road was discovered in 2005, Government maps have mistakenly rendered it as the “North Western Passage”, it was discovered today. Siroccan Topographical and Territorial Union Survey (STATUS) has admitted the mistake is “embarrassing” while the Siroccan Cartographic Association, which produces the maps, has said that it is “an unfortunate oversight that we have rectified before the old name is lost forever.”

Premier Anderson authorised the renaming of the road this afternoon.

Roadways SR have said they will continue to honour the ‘North Western’ name for locals used to it, and Sirocco Post have confirmed they will accept any parcel or envelope addressed to the ‘North Western Passage’ and deliver it to the correct North East address.

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