Government to introduce assistance programme

Alston, NCD, May 5 – The Siroccan Government is to launch a scheme to assist Siroccans finding it hard to make their way through the current economic climate.

Announced this evening by Premier Daniel Anderson, the Commonwealth Assistance Programme aims to provide monetary and food aid to Siroccan citizens experiencing hardship in the current economic climate, especially to Siroccan citizens currently studying at tertiary institutions with limited funds.

The news of the establishment of the Commonwealth Assistance Programme has been warmly received by leftist members of the micronational community. Joseph Puglisi of Tiana said that “the Communist Party of Tiana sends its warmest greetings of solidarity to its Siroccan comrades. You are truly an inspiration to us all”, while the Workers’ Bloc of Zealandia sent “its solidarity to its comrades in the SFP for its efforts in constructing socialism in Sirocco…congratualtions [sic] on forming the first basic Socialist program in Sirocco”.

Sean Anderson of the Saxon Empire countered the assumption of the implementation of socialism in Sirocco by stating “Well, a right-wing government still has to have some kind of welfare programme, doesn’t it? Helping the poor is important. We’re not that mean.”

Anderson has stressed that the programme is not intended as a step towards socialism and that it is not meant to reverse the Federal Party’s ideology, but as a means of assisting Siroccans experiencing financial difficulty.

The Government has stated the first assistance packages will be delivered within the coming days.

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