Commonwealth Avenue: Sandus plays the Nazi Card, anyone surprised?

Fush is Natzi scum, or at least Will would like to think so…

Story of the Century: A1 is to be disestablished (apparently).
Story of the Lulz: Sandus thinks A1 is a modern Nazi Germany.

You think I’m joking? In this fantastic bit of tripe from his local rag, Will Sörgel of the Ever So Highly Respected And Universally Worshipped Backwater of Sandus has seen fit to play the Nazi Card and compare the end of A1 to the fall of Nazi Germany in May 1945. I hardly think our Australian frenemies have the blood of twelve million people on their hands or forcibly annexed most of Europe.

See for yourself:

In a day reminiscent of the demise of Nazi Germany on May 9th, 1945, it appears that the Federated Republics of A1 will seemingly disappear as a micronation due to the demise and departure of its founder [redacted], who has taken the pseudonyms Philip Fish, John Hogg, and now Gordon Freeman for the defence of his “future” career as an Australian politician.

A day reminiscent of the demise of Nazi Germany? He’s leaving micronationalism to focus on real-world business, not capitulating to the Brits, Russians and Americans.

I reckon the reason that Will is so elated about this whole affair is because he didn’t like Freeman because Freeman knew what to do. Will is a pretty universally loathed figure within the MicroWiki community, and I can back this up by pointing to the fact whenever the Veritum Sandus publishes a post, it is bandied around from micronationalist to micronationalist, all of whom laugh gaily and call it “shit”. It’s a laughing stock. That said, take the A1NS. It is not a blog full of the latest rantings of the dear Chief sitting on the pot, it is a proper, functioning micronational news service held in high esteem. Will is also known for his insanely weird and inappropriate comments – it’s well-known that whenever he is in the same Skype room as a female he spouts crude, coarse and offensive comments and questions that would make a hardened soldier turn pale, and which I certainly shan’t publish here.

It has been shown that Sandus’ determination and will to follow its beliefs and philosophy has finally won through to a final and ultimate victory following the demise of the two premier TASPAC member-states

Why is he claiming credit for it? And besides, A1 and Yabloko are not “the” premier TASPAC member-states, after all it was a Siroccan idea and a TASPAC influence survey last year ranked Sirocco at the top.

M. Fish and A1 are remembered in Sandus as the leader and state which brought the demise of Sandus’ once-closest ally and a national hero, the constant slandering of our State and Central People’s Government, and constant aggression and hostilities brought against this State during A1′s life in the elite of the community.

Maybe because you deserved it? Read between the lines here, he’s just upset he’s not in the top echelons of the community like A1, St.Charlie or Sirocco are. Instead, he’s the black sheep, laughed at and kept out, and for good reason.

Today is a happy and proud day for our State.

I agree, it’s a happy and proud day for all of us when a micronationalist starts stepping forth for bigger and brighter endeavours. I say good on Mr… um… what’s he renamed himself to in the last hour? Anyway, good on him. It’s a shame that A1’s leaving the community, but it’s been really great working with Mr… [Name] for the last year and a half, and despite the fact relations have become a bit strained in the last few weeks (Wilary…), it’s been an honour to consider you an ally.

So grow up Sörg.

Daniel Anderson

9 Comments on Commonwealth Avenue: Sandus plays the Nazi Card, anyone surprised?

  1. I believe it is a sad effort for me to give response to a tabloid which fails to conduct even the most elementary of research. The demise of A1 was related to a recent event, perhaps you heard of it, known at ‘Victory Day’. It’s Sandus’ most important holiday, the only one we actually celebrate, as it marks the fall of Fascism. Such would correspond with the fact that the date was published and the ‘Victory over Fascism’ was marked in the article which was published during the religious holiday of the Collegio Sacerdae Lemuria, which is a festival dedicated to the deceased and is similar to the secular ‘Remembrance Day’ in Sandus. Such a comparison was even expressly given in the ‘MicroGroup’ and multiple other media of communication, it appears that such a distinction slipped the notice of this article’s author.

    Furthermore, as the verbal abuse against Veritum Sandus is quite clear, Veritum Sandus runs two main roles in Sandus: it is our national journal/register, similar to the London Gazette or the Federal Register, and our only newspaper within the State. Therefore, some articles require more length if they are of concerns of Sandum policy. This particular article in the State register was not one of policy, therefore it warranted a shorter read. Your conspiracy theories on the matter, though, have relatively little relevance to the issue at hand and are more issues with your personal friendship with M. Fish, thereby there is not much to respond to. Including, as well, the heinous accusations that M. Anderson seems to be continuing against me that I have acted wrongfully around women. However, the common respect I have shown female micronationalists such as Mme Shelby, Mlles Davies and Rivera seem to be a clear testament to the opposite fact, as does M. Puglisi’s own condemnation of these accusations as being false and brought on by emotions.

    — S8gm8 Sörgel.

    • Mr. Soergel, your post was as much about your personal grudges against Freeman as Mr. Anderson’s is about his friendship with the same. You’re both guilty of turning a diplomatic issue into a personal one. A1 is an active nation, and as long as it is, it should be preserved, regardless of your personal views of one of its leaders. Thank you for listening to today’s message from the liberaliat school of international relations.

      • I hardly believe so. It was a news report for Sandum citizens and our partners and allies, as directed in the address at the beginning of the article. This article has called me many awful and terrible things, things which I’ve never called M. Fish. I did not turn this issue into a personal or private affair, as it is common knowledge that A1 has often been publicly hostile and aggressive towards Sandus. Due to that aggression and hostility, we see no reason as to keep that knowledge from our own people, especially when celebrations had already begun. Furthermore, A1’s own First Secretary, a man just as unprofessional as Mssrs. Fish and Anderson here – especially to have told me to ‘grow up’, has told me that we can expect A1 gone in one to two weeks; and, this isn’t because of any resistance, but because of A1’s own inactivity. Its founder and its First Secretary are behind and in support of the dissolution of the FRA1, so it is not so absurd to believe A1 will disband soon enough.

      • Professionalism is good, but I think you care just a bit too much about it.

  2. Is A1 defunct?,


    King of Danland

  3. I do concur with M. Sorgel.

  4. “Furthermore, A1′s own First Secretary, a man just as unprofessional as Mssrs. Fish and Anderson here – especially to have told me to ‘grow up’”
    There he goes again with that “professional” crap. You know Will, micronationalism’s not all about being straight-faced and serious. Just because you don’t know how to have fun doesn’t give you the right to call everyone “unprofessional”.

    • Now you are just angry and are clearly not showing any sense. Speak with other micronationalists – Mssrs. Tierney, Sammut, Thomson – and ask them if I don’t ‘know how to have fun’. That is so very ignorant, M. Anderson, as I am sure you are aware that everyone is capable of ‘having fun’ in their own ways. You have obviously never read anything about ‘Realism’, because if you had you would understand the very clear and distinct ethics and decora we have – or should have – that both you and M. Fish have violated on multiple occasions.

      • I could testify too. You, M. Anderson, are letting your own opinion mix with your professional one. Read Vertium Sandus, please. All of you have always complained since that Lethler thing. Just stop.

        Will has a way he runs his state, Realism, and also run Amager this way. I believe in serious micronationalism. Just because you don’t does never give you the right to attack someone. Respect, please.

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