Havilland replaces Brookfield as Wellesite capital

AN ELECTRIC NEW CITY: The Wellesley “tram” flag will fly over the new city of Havilland.

Havilland, WS, Jul 27 – After the Government spent this week trying to decide what to call Brookfield’s replacement as Wellesley’s capital, a name has finally been decided on – Havilland.

Named after the former de Havilland aeroplane company, Havilland has today been incorporated almost a week later than scheduled after a name could not be decided on for the province.

The delay meant that Brookfield, which is scheduled to be ceded back to New Zealand after just shy of four months, was forced to maintai its status as Wellesley’s capital, albeit in a purely de facto nature.

Transport is an extremely important cultural aspect of the province, and several of the names proposed, including Hurricane, Spitfire and Douglas, followed this theme.

Ultimately the shortlist came down to Douglas (named after the Douglas aeroplane company that produced the famous Douglas DC-3, a well known item of Sirocana) and Havilland. Havilland won the vote over Douglas just after 5pm NZST this evening.

Premier Daniel Anderson said he was “thrilled” in a statement, and added that he was “extremely pleased that a name has finally been decided on for the new Wellesley acquisition. I hope that Havilland will serve as the capital of this fine province for many years to come.”

Fans of Douglas will not be disappointed – the city’s main park will bear the name Douglas Green to placate those vying for a name reflecting broader Siroccan culture.

The Ministry of the Commonwealth confirmed tonight that the city will be administered by the Havilland and Wellesley Shire, in turn linked to the outside world by a reconfigured Provincial Highway 42, which will run from Havilland to Brookfield.

Most of the transitional work shifting Wellesley to its new location in Havilland is complete. Brookfield and its territorial authority, the Brookfield & Wellesley Shire, will be formally dissolved on August 7. Provincial Highway 42, however, will not be shortened after this takes place – the highway will keep its current length.

On a lighter note, it has been confirmed that Havilland and national capital Alston will be sister cities from July 31, the first time two Siroccan cities have been given sister relationships.

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