Sirocco begins scientific research

Screen shot of SETI@Home (Enhanced 5.27) BOINC...

HAVING A THINK: SETI@Home scans the skies for possible radio communication from other planets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alston, NCD, Aug 5 – Sirocco has joined the search for extraterrestrial life, the bid to break an unresolved Enigma message and the hunt for threats to Earth from outer space with the foundation of the Institute of Scientific Research (ISR) today.

The government today switched on the BOINC program on the Diesel 386, its most powerful computer and Sirocco’s largest server, linking the state to the SETI@home, Enigma@Home and Orbit@home efforts, which scan the skies for radio signals not originating from Earth, attempt to break an uncracked German U-boat message sent in 1942 and search for near-Earth hazards posed by meteorites in space.

Premier Daniel Anderson said a short time ago that “The establishment of the Institute of Scientific Research is a major step forward for Sirocco, as now we can contribute our services to worldwide efforts to solve the mysteries of our world and ones we have yet to discover. Sirocco has a lot of computer processing power running idle, so this is a good way to put our resources to work for the greater good of humanity and science.”

The ISR’s computing technology is provided by the Government with some support from the National Centre of Computing, which today opened its “Image Repository”, which aims to host images thought to be lost to the sands of time.

While the Institute is only focusing on BOINC-related projects for the time being, it has not ruled out research in other fields.

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