Sirocco puts forward bid for 2012 Intermicronational Olympic Games

SIROCCAN HOPEFULS: The official Siroccan bid logo for the 2012 Intermicronational Olympic Games.

Alston, NCD, Aug 5 – Sirocco has officially put its name down in the hope of hosting the 2012 Intermicronational Olympic Games.

At 7:19pm this evening Premier Daniel Anderson confirmed on Skype that Sirocco has officially launched its bid campaign this evening in the hopes it will be chosen to host the seventh Intermicronational Olympics.

“Hosting an Olympic Games would be an absolutely amazing achievement for Sirocco.” Anderson said to the Times a few moments ago. “To be given the opportunity to bring together the vast melting pot of MicroWiki and the greater micronational world could only bring benefits to Sirocco and the community as a whole. I fully endorse the Siroccan bid and hope that when put to a bid, the 2012 Olympics will be given to Sirocco.”

Anderson has been working on the last couple of days on a possible 2012 Olympic Games due to the lack of an official Micronational Olympics Committee games for this year.

Several MicroWiki micronationalists have voiced their support for the Siroccan bid. Hakon Lindstrom of Zealandia announced his support earlier for the decision to host both standard Olympics and the first-ever micronational Paralympics in the one event, as opposed to hosting the Paralympics after the Olympic games.

It has been hinted that a Siroccan games would take place in December.

3 Comments on Sirocco puts forward bid for 2012 Intermicronational Olympic Games

  1. Prince Nathan of Florenia // Monday, 6 August 2012 at 2:14 AM // Reply

    I’ve been wondering this for a couple of days. Is the Intermicronational Olympics online or digital, or do real athletes compete inside of the host nation?

    –HRH Prince Nathan of Florenia

  2. I think it’s online!

    -King Daniel I of Danland

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