Constitution declared invalid, new document to follow

Alston, NCD, Sep 24 – Premier Daniel Anderson has announced that the Constitution is from today no longer a legally binding document.

While the news may come as a seemingly undemocratic thing to do, the retirement of the 2010 Constitution has been cited as due to being out of sync with modern Sirocco.

Premier Anderson said this in a statement to the Times:

It sounds undemocratic, I know. The reasoning behind the move, however, is due to the fact that the Constitution was written in 2010, when this nation was just starting out. Today it is a major micronational power in our community and the Sirocco the document was designed for is now long-gone. Political structures have changed and the way Sirocco works is today vastly different to how it did in 2010. Currently Nicholas Woode-Smith and I are working on a new document to better suit modern Sirocco, but for the time being the old Constitution has been suspended.

No timeframe is in place for its replacement, although it is suspected it will arrive sometime late in the year or in early 2013.

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